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Online free test of Russian


Pass a free online test and check your language level and take an Online Russian Language Course at MSU. You have a great opportunity to take classes from the best MSU teachers and after finishing your Course get the certificate of completion by MSU.

Test № 1. Language level determination test

Test № 2. Elementary.

Test № 3. Basic.

Test № 4. Advanced.

Test № 5.Fluent.

* Test's results are measured in points, they are defined automatically and are sent to you by mail.

Pass a test and in case if you’d like to study further, you can receive the information about courses in the Russian Language Centre of Moscow Lomonosov University.

The program of the intensive Russian course for foreigners is 80-100 academic hours.

Part 1

It consists of the alphabet, learning of 300 new words, proper pronunciation, spelling and reading, studding of primary grammar.
After finishing this  course you will be able to write and use wide range of speech structures, talk about a lot of topics using appropriate vocabulary and will have a better understanding of daily situations.

 Part 2

It includes  fixing of the material learned at the 1st Part, gradual studding of verbs tenses, the  particle of the case system
, more than 300 new phrases,
 listening Russian speech, rapid response to the questions posed by the teacher and the ability to ask the counter.After finishing the 2nd part the lexicon of the student is about 750 words.


Russian As A Foreign Language Free Test Online by MSU Russian Language Center is intended for

the foreign students, who are studying Russian in Moscow courses, with a teacher on Skype, or

independently. In MSU Russian Language Center each student has to pass Russian Test in order to

identify the accurate language level, which helps to put a student into the right group. In case when

student wants to take individual classes, the results of Free Russian Online Test will allow the teacher

to create a special program, which can help to adapt to the learning process quickly. Also, according to the

results of Free Russian Online Test the teacher of the  Russian Skype courses can offer a student particular

textbook and exercises. Apart from that, Free Russian Online Test helps the students, who are studying

Russian independently to identify the language level they’ve reached.

Russian test online consists of three levels. Your results would be sent via email.

Pass the test and Welcome to MSU Russian Language Center.